Living room wall needs help!

Cosmera asks:

I have this wall, and I have no idea what to do with it. It is the only wall in my living room that I can put furniture against. I had just the TV and entertainment center on it, and it looked naked. Then I tried a small DVD storage unit in the right corner and a planter with silk flowers on the left side of the wall, it was all too short. I removed that and added a painting. I think it looks off. Any suggestions of what I can do on a small budget?







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Need furniture layout and decor help in awkwardly shaped room!

Basiab asks:

Help! My husband and I recently bought an old home that we are renovating. I am extremely stuck with how to select/arrange furniture and decorate a very awkwardly shaped living room. One of the challenges is being able to place a large enough sized sofa in an area that is suitable for TV viewing. The furniture in the picture is only temporary. The fireplace will need refacing, and the window trims will be painted white.






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Need help for my living room/family room

Davidandkira asks:

In between my formal living room and my family room is a couple of columns. I love the openness and light that this provides, but I would like a little bit more separation between the rooms. Would you do a half wall? Or maybe a full wall with built in bookshelf to the far right and then a half wall in the center?






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All White Walls

Caples asks:

My home of 4 months still looks like a doctor’s office! We are having wood floors installed throughout. I don’t know how to make the living room area feel warm and open at the same time? This design is so confusing; thinking two colors from same family in LR but NO idea where to put which color. Shade of aqua maybe on long DR/kitch wall? Also no idea how to place furniture… maybe I am beyond help!






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Condo Living Room Decoration

Tracybuyshomes asks:

Looking for suggestions to give this room some life and interest. the leather chair in the showroom had a much shinier chrome look on the legs, envisioned it popping much more than it does. All the furniture is new except for the custom made bar. The side of the room that’s not shown will have a small table and 4 chairs for dining. I really like the cashmere throw and fur pillow and would like to try to keep all the elements in the room if possible, hoping to get some ideas for additions to the room.






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