Help with a Kitchen Layout

Kbrusca asks:

I would appreciate some ideas to open up my small kitchen into my small living room. I would like to make a bar opening into the living room which happens to land directly behind the fridge. Any ideas on how to effectively open it up, still maintain at least a somewhat effective floor plan and not have to spend an arm and a leg in renovation.







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Fabric for Kitchen Window

Pdxtarheel asks:

I’m looking to have a roman shade made for our kitchen sink window and I think I have it narrowed down to two options.  Unfortunately our kitchen was remodeled probably in the 80s and we don’t have the money to gut it for many, many years, so we’re working with what we have.

The material on the right has a steel gray background and the vines are the same color green as the wall. The fabric on the left appeals to me because it’s bright and cheery, but I don’t know if the look is right. Is there one that looks better with the cabinets? What if they were painted white?

If it matters, our house is a 20′s craftsman style bungalow and the rest of the house has kept that style and has white painted woodwork. The kitchen is the only room with this “style”.






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How to make this front entry better?

Jodi Coburn asks:

We are getting new siding and a new roof but this street level door is driving me nuts. We don’t really have alot of funds to work with so how do I make this look better? We have all new replacement windows and a new doors. I will be painting the front door to match the new house colors which are not even picked out yet. I do have some landscaping done in the front but I really dislike the door on the street level….help.

Jodi Coburn-01






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Ceiling Color

Chiggs asks:

Hi, I have wood ceilings with dark wood beams that are flat and fairly low – pictures below. I’m considering painting the ceiling white and leaving the beams dark (I’m getting dark wood floors as well), as I feel it will open up the space more and make it feel bigger. I’m concerned that the paint won’t properly cover the knotty wood and I’ll end up with a shabby chic look versus the clean mid century modern look I want.  Thanks.







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Painting oak cabinets

Designstatements asks:

We just purchased this home and finally made the decision to paint the oak cabinets and change the backsplash (neutral). The granite is black impala with flecks of a warm gray almost green in it. What color should we paint the cabinets? the floors will be stained dark walnut. I love some of the green/gray colors with a light amber wash.







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Living room wall needs help!

Cosmera asks:

I have this wall, and I have no idea what to do with it. It is the only wall in my living room that I can put furniture against. I had just the TV and entertainment center on it, and it looked naked. Then I tried a small DVD storage unit in the right corner and a planter with silk flowers on the left side of the wall, it was all too short. I removed that and added a painting. I think it looks off. Any suggestions of what I can do on a small budget?







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